William Rouse & Stephane Vachon


Dear Susan:
On behalf of my partner, Stephane Vachon and myself, I want to express our sincere gratitude to you for your help in selling our house on Taft Avenue and in buying our new house on Wonderview Drive in Lake Hollywood. There are several specific areas of our experience about which I wanted to commend you.

First, your strategic advice regarding the pricing of the Taft house and when and how to hold it open were excellent. In the end, we need only to point out the satisfactory sales price to show that you were “right on the money.”

Second, your hard work in designing the beautiful full-color information sheet, showing the house and holding open houses over and over was something that we noticed from the beginning. We really appreciated the amount of work you put into our sale.
Third, your willingness to assist us with a wide variety of extra items that seemed outside the scope of our formal agreement with you turned out to be a huge help. Stephanie and I are working professionals, who spend a lot of time at the office and I don’t believe that we could have accomplished everything without your help.

Fourth, as with the sale of our home on Taft, your strategic advice on the purchase of our current home enabled us to hold onto the house, when it appeared that the seller may have preferred to sell it to someone else. Thanks to you, we feel that we got a very good deal on our new home.

Finally, we are grateful for your friendship and willingness to help us through this anxious process by listening to us, at times, mediating between us or allowing us to vent. Not once were we left to wonder “What’s going on?” or “Where’s Susan?.
Needless to say, we would not hesitate to recommend you to another buyer or seller. Thank you again, Susan.

Very truly yours,

William J. Rouse

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